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¡Chidísima Navidad!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
(brush,pen and digital color)

Maybe some of you out there have already seen this X-mas card,but I just had to post it here —and wish you the merriest of all Christmases and a fantastic 2005

Well,before the final image,there's only an idea.Then there's a sketch:
The sketch

I usually do sketches like this with a common pen on scrap paper.
There was another sketch with a different approach for the card (the Scarecrow was alone,dressed as Santa Claus and looking at a star shinning in the sky) but after talking with Liam bigredcheese,we decided to use this pic.You know,this is a season for sharing and here the cast from Fatalysia reflect it very well.

The lineart

And then,here's the black & white lineart.Maybe I should have scanned the pencils but I only did some quick lines as reference.All the details were done direct with ink.The idea for the pic was pretty clear from the sketch so there wasn't too much to add besides of color and a message written by Liam.
Anyway,it's interesting to see how much an image can evolve from a simple idea to a finished piece.
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