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Black Coyote

Black Coyote
(100% brush)

(This pic was published in Fang,Claw & Steel #20.)

Many american tribes used to say that coyotes were powerful spirits,but a very tricky ones.You see,coyotes were smart,and they liked to play around and laugh a lot —after all,life should be seen as a fun and happy ride,and sometimes life and nature's secrets were only plain simple and silly jokes.

The most powerful shamans,nahuales and brujos,had the power to transform themselves into coyotes.But then,there're also old legends about wise coyotes transforming into humans.

Anyway,here's a jumpin' black coyote.If it's a werecoyote or a werehuman,I'll leave it up to you
Tags: animals, fang claw & steel

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