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Upon the hill he'll hear my secrets/Shock the colours to bleach inside

Listen to his body moan
Make a wish and send us home
To spin the gold and silver stitches
We can turn his rags to riches
—Siouxsie & The Banshees

In the previous post,you saw an early sketch of the Scarecrow from Fatalysia...
Living Scarecrow
(brush,and pen for some details)

...now,here's the final character sheet.

The 'moaning' looks at the lower right are the way the Scarecrow looks like in his immoblie,hanging form.Usually he looks like a regular scarecrow,but when he gets alive he looks like this weird boy made of sticks,old clothes and straw.

And I have nothing else to say —or write— about this fella by now...only that I'm having so much fun whenever I draw him and his branch arms
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