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And Finally....

Some of you people out there already know I've been working in a special project in the last days.
Well,it's time to share with you some views —Behold...!

Living Scarecrow
(pen and marker sketch)

This is an early sketch for a living scarecrow.It's one of the main characters for a comic book series proposal.

The name?

The plot?
A modern fairy tale about a nice but sad girl and a cursed scarecrow.There's magic.There's love.There's murder.And then some.

The story is written by Liam Kemp (a.k.a. bigredcheese).There's an ashcan and issue #1 already in progress.Liam already took the project for early showing at the Small Press Expo (SPX) at Washington,DC.
And now,in the next days I'll be showing you —in exclusive— some first peeks at this project.

By the way,I'd like to thank you all people for your support —and specially to Liam for the chance of working at this rocking project.Thanks a lot man!
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