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CRFH:Family Portrait

Doing pin-ups it supposed to be easier than doing sequentials.But sometimes,it can be difficult because as in doing a portrait,you have to capture all the personality from a person or a fictional character with only one single image.
Fortunately,I think I achieved that goal with this piece.

(uhm...this next pic is a bit wide [only a wee bit] so I'll post it as a LJ-cut and that way I won't mess any 'Friends Page'...

CRFH:Family Portrait
(all inks and some digital texture)

This is a pin-up I did for the online comic-strip CRFH —that stands for College Roomies From Hell.It's created,written,drawn,colored and edited (multitask,isn't it?) by one of the nicest and kindest cartoonists this side of the Río Bravo:Maritza Campos (aka maritzac).

Her strip is this story about all these crazy roomates.It's really demential,but just plain funny.And in this pic,we have all the main cast —featuring the Devil himself in all his horned glory.I won't talk much more about it,instead I'll let the drawings talk through their actions.And then I'll add the plug:go and read the comic,trust me,it's really good.

(Oh,and by the way:thank you Maritza for the chance of drawing your characters.You rock! )
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