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Haven't you ever heard of the healing power of laughter?

The Joker
(water brush)

In the comic books,Bruce Wayne choose to use a bat costume to scare criminals up.But if he truly wanted to become a fearful creature he should have used a clown costume instead,as the Joker clearly demonstrates.On the other hand,the most creepy thing about him is that he's actually not using a costume.No wonder then why he became one of the most popular supervillains ever.And in case you were wondering,no,I didn't like the Ledger version —looked way too much like Beetlejuice and behaved more like a psycho rather a sociopath.But I suppose that's just personal preferences.

Anyways,this pic was made for Cornered,a blog dedicated to showcase reinterpretations of corner art used in comic books.As usual whenever I participate in this kind of blog projects,what you see here is the lineart —the final,colored illo is alrready posted there.
Tags: fan-art, superheroes

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