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  Wednesday, January 12th, 2011 10:00 pm

Silver Surfer & Ghost Rider
(brush & digital stuff —Ghost Rider & Silver Surfer ™ & © Marvel Characters,Inc.)

Have you heard this tune titled 'Silver Surfer,Ghost Rider Go!' by Trentemøller? It's good.Here,go ahead and listen (direct link here for those reading via RSS):

It's great how it sounds like part surf rock,part modern electronic music and part something out from the soundtrack of an action movie.It fits both characters.
Oddly,as far as I can remember there has never been a team-up between Ghost Rider and Silver Surfer.Somebody really should do that comic book...just look at it:one is a ghost in flames,the other is a silvery alien —They Fight Crime!

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  Soundtrack: Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go! - Trentemøller  

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