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GPOY (or Doodle Yourself As...)

Doodle Yourself As...
(pen,marker & digital color)

I stumbled upon this meme on Tumblr (via LittleMissPaintbrush) and looked like fun.
1) I'm a bit predictable with this,but if I were a monster I'd be the Big Bad Wolf in fairy tales and viking legends
2) Still predictable.But I must say that I find fascinating how cocoa beans are actually very sour yet they become very sweet when transformed into chocolate.
3) Okay,if I were a woman very probably I'd look like MTV's Daria.But I'd also wear a Vampira/Morticia/Elvira dress at least once per week.
4) It's no secret I'd love to be Superman,but I think Madman is closer to my lifestyle
5) I choose Robocop only because I woke up with the movie theme stuck on my head
6) Don't ask!
7) Sharks may be powerful and dolphins may be the smart ones,but everybody knows sea turtles are actually the awesomest aquatic lifeforms,right? Plus,if you saw Finding Nemo,you know they behave like surfers so that's extra coolness points.
8) My favorite game is the Darkstalkers series,but I already drew myself as a wolf monster.So my second choice is Haomaru from the Samurai Shodown/Samurai Spirits series.
9) Yup,that's me.I'm not tagging anyone in particular so anyone can do the meme if wanting to.
Tags: animals, girls, meme, stuff

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