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¡¡¡Excelenterrísima Década Nueva!!!

(water brush,pen & digital stuff)

This Winter seems like a lot of people isn't very happy that a new year is starting.In fact,looks like they're mostly happy that 2010 is over.Guess it was a rough year for them.Me,you ask? It was a good,quite productive and inspiring year...actually,I wish it didn't finish so soon as I haven't finished lots of things and projects yet.Then again,I suppose that's what 2011 is here for,since time is always relative.And just for making things more exciting,this happens to be the first year of a whole decade.

Now,today is also the LJversary of this corner of the web.It was 7 years ago when I began posting here.It's also been 7 years of discovering and meeting some of the most great people on the internets.That's a good enough reason for celebrating this day,so if you're reading this don't stop and go ahead.You're part of it —and by the way,THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT!

Okay now,Are you ready to show 2011 that dreams do become true? Come along,the fun it's only beggining! (if you don't believe me,just listen to Kate Micucci's words and music):

Have a Most Epic & Excellent Year Decade!
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