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A Flag For The Earth

Earth Flag

Some days ago,Alejandro Jodorowsky posted on his blog (in Spanish) something about the lack of a symbol —more exactly,a flag— representing Earth as one single,true nation.Then he invited everyone to try to design flag that could be used for said end.Submitted designs so far are currently showcased on this other blog.
As you can see,I submitted a design.Here's the translation of the original explanation I wrote:
The flag that I'm submitting is simply an open hand, because as seen in the extra photo (↓) it's a symbol in use since the Stone Age (nowadays it's still used by Australian Aborigenes and some tribes from the North American southwest).The simplicity of the symbol it's not only easy to identify with,but easy to reproduce,especially by little children,whom surely would be thankful for a design easy to reproduce with finger paint when doing homeworks.

If we must give it an extra symbolism,then let's say that the 5 fingers are separated to indicate their individuality,yet at the same time they're all properly united by the palm,making a whole unity.Red in one hand (no pun) is the color most used by human species (children and artists can corroborate that said color is the 1st to get spent in boxes of color pencils and pigments);it also represents passion and blood.In this last sense there's no need to say that it's a color common not only among humans but among animals as well,hence it's an unique color that trascends physical shapes,skins or anything.

White,as the laws of the physics indicate,is the color of the light,the result of the sum of all the chromatic range.

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