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And Now,A Message Of Public Interest...

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It's amazing how the internet can make people get closer,no matter if they live in different corners of the world.Now,on the other hand,it's funny that lately I've noticed that social networks actually are very powerful in making persons become more distant.I mean,I thought that part of socializing was listening and sharing ideas yet there's not much of that when all answers you can get is someone clicking a button.
The Bastard Fairies wrote something about this kind of communication dynamics on their newsletter some weeks ago:
Like a new relationship, it is hard to see the glaring flaws in something when it is new. You are just happy to embrace your new found focus. To be able to share your thoughts and likes, to feel like someone is listening to you and your feelings.

Trouble is, once the initial pumping of endorphins settles down and you are able to take a step back and review your new found situation. It soon becomes glaringly apparent that maybe they were not listening so intently to you, but were glad that someone (you) was listening to them.

In reality, neither of you were actually listening to each other. Hence the break down of the relationship.

On the other hand,I must say that I don't use Phazebooq very much and personally I think its design is quite boring.Still,thanks to the new way of displaying photos on profiles,today I finally found a way to add some customization beyond the limits of that website.Just for fun,here's a screenshot.

Perhaps next time I'll add an illo or even use those little frames for a tiny comic strip.It's possible,y'know.
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