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Choose A Cat,Draw A Girl II

harveyjames announced a new round of his Choose a Cat,Draw a Girl project.The rules:
Choose a cat- because these are all cats, in many shapes, sizes and modes of dress- from the drawings below, and redraw it as a human female. Feel free to do as many as you like and in whatever medium. Then, when we're all done, we'll stick 'em all together as a giant community-made artwork. Let's do this!

Since I participated in the first edition of this art meme I just had to do it again,this time choosing these cats:
Harveyjames' catgirls II

Catgirl 01
(technical pen & digital stuff)

Catgirl 02
(water brush & more digital stuff)

Catgirl 03
(technical pen & more you-know-what)

Catgirl 04
(photoshop & a cup of coffee with too much sugar...)

ETA (5/Dec/10):The final result is posted!
Tags: girls, meme, photoshop

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