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Better Off Dead (or 'Do Zombies Dream Of Soulless Sheep?')

Better Off Dead - Sample
(brush & digital stuff)

Some weeks ago a small publisher asked for short stories for a horror anthology.I sent a pitch for zombie tale that got approved but then the editor in charge stopped answering my emails,before I could even send the finished pages.
In the end it wasn't so bad.Because now,following the old philosophy of 'waste not,want not',rather than posting here one single holiday picture we now have a spooky story —quite perfect for today,ah?

Well then,have a fun and safe night —and please don't forget to send me all your spare choco bars,unless you want me to haunt you every night after I become a ghost.
Happy Halloween!
Better Off Dead 01
Better Off Dead 02
Better Off Dead 03
Better Off Dead 04
Tags: comics, prosa-horror, stuff

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