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Keep 'em Flying!

(waterbrush & photoshop)

A new entry for the Ilustrando Que Es Gerundio blog —this time the theme is Pin-up Girls,and you really should go and take a peek,there already are some swell eye-candies there.
Very probably you won't notice,but this is the first illo I make using a waterbrush.Of course,I didn't use water but ink and hey,it worked.Still need to get used to the fact that it's thicker than an average brush but I liked using this new tool (←such an art nerd,I know,I know...)

There's other fun fact:while drawing this,I kept thinking «boys play with cars —true men fly».Not sure why I thought of that or if I heard or read it somewhere.Still,that's the main reason why this illo looks like something painted on a warplane.Maybe one of these days I realy should try to seriously pursuit that old dream I had of flying an airplane.Or at least painting one.
Tags: animals, girls

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