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Revenge Is My Name

Revenge Is My Name
(brush & Photoshop)

In the last months the movies I've enjoyed were The Expendables and Resident Evil 4.I'm still waiting for Machete but it seems it's going to be one of those typical situations where the movie is going to be available on DVD before hitting theatres around here.The same can be said abou Scott Pilgrim but I don't have big expectations about that since I never understood the graphic novels.
Well,guess it's time to bring to life another of the Movies Never Made.

As the title suggests,Revenge Is My Name would be a revenge movie.More exactly,a western set in modern highways.The plot would be about a girl mercenary that kills a rival of hers.When the rival's brother finds out,he swears revenge so he becomes a merc himself in order of searching for the mercenary girl.He finally mets her when both of them are hired by a crime lord for transporting some money.While they are on the road,he keeps plotting how to kill her,but as they fight against people wanting to steal the money,he learns to respect her and finally falls in love with her.And so he doesn't know anymore what to do with her and then the romantic drama begins —I like to think it would be kinda like a chick flick with motorbikes and gunshots,or maybe an action movie with sensibility.
And then this song would show up when they dance at a small night club (right before they have to fight against a lot of opponents in the biggest action scene),and it would be heard later during the inevitable happy ending:

Now,what do you say? Would you be watching a movie like this one?

PS.-Prints of this illo available at Zazzle & Society6
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