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  Thursday, September 30th, 2010 10:30 pm

Doc Doom
(brush pen and digital stuff —Dr. Doom ™ & © Marvel Characters Inc.)

Here's a new illo made for the Ilustrando Que Es Gerundio blog.The chosen topic this time was supervillains and so here's the greatest of those.Okay,maybe not the greatest if you judge him by the way he's been written lately but still,basically we're talking about Batman in an armor suit that grants him Superman abilities.And he's evil enough to do whatever needs to be done,no matter the price.Plus he's already conquered a country of his own which is more than what any other would be world conquerors have done so far.If that doesn't count then I have no idea what could.

PS.-Okay,okay,I can't help it and I wouldn't be myself if I don't do it,so behold puny organisms,for I'll include in this post...THE DOOM SONG!

(click & listen here if you're reading this from the RSS)

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  Status:  nerdy  
  Soundtrack: House of the Rising Sun - Sinéad O'Connor  

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