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The Scarlet Plague

The Scarlet Plague
(technical pen & digital stuff)

"That was the way the Scarlet Death slew. I caught up my handbag and fled. The sights in the streets were terrible. One stumbled on bodies everywhere. Some were not yet dead. And even as you looked, you saw men sink down with the death fastened upon them. There were numerous fires burning in Berkeley, while Oakland and San Francisco were apparently being swept by vast conflagrations. The smoke of the burning filled the heavens, so that the midday was as a gloomy twilight, and, in the shifts of wind, sometimes the sun shone through dimly, a dull red orb. Truly, my grandsons, it was like the last days of the end of the world. "

—Jack London;The Scarlet Plague (fragment)

One of my fav writers is Jack London.I can't remember which of his books I read first...it was either White Fang or Diable—A Dog.But the first one to really blow my brains out was The Scarlet Plague.I was 10 years old and I've re-read that story almost every year since then.It still is my favorite story in the genre of apocalyptic sci-fi.Sometimes I wonder how come no one has made a movie based upon the book —but on the other hand I guess it's better that way.Wouldn't like to see Tom Cruise and Michael Bay ruining such a powerful tale of decadence with a happy ending and a pop song in the final credits.But I digress.

Anyways,this illo is meant to be a bookmark,hence the narrow format and using one of my favorite books as the topic.
Ah,and if you're interested in finding out why I love the book,it's available at the Project Gutenberg website as a free ebook.
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