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(technical pen & brush —reMind ©Jason Brubaker)

Lately I've been reading this online graphic novel by Jason Brubaker with the title of reMIND (remindblog_rss).I'd like to tell you what it is about but whatever I say may reveal too much about the story and one of its strongest points is the way how the plot keeps taking unexpected twists.There's some mistery,some adventure,a girl mechanic and a cat that's not ordinary at all —and no,it's not because of the armor,there's much more than that.
Really,you should just go and read it because it's quite a fascinating tale.

I was already making this tribute piece when Mr. Brubaker announced that he was starting a pin-up contest —the winner pic will be published in the upcoming printed version of the comic.In the meantime,the pin-ups are being shown at the reMIND website.You can see the colored version of this illo right there,along with all the other contestants.
Tags: animals, fan-art, girls

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