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If you've read any Batman comics,you'll know that among all the trophies in the Batcave there's a T-rex.It fits with the decoration but it makes you wonder where the Dark Knight™ found it,how got it inside the cave,and how much does Alfred get paid for keeping it clean.

Now,the idea of depicting a T-rex ain't mine at all.Blame Bill Watterson for that and me for re-reading his comic strips every now and then:
Calvin & Hobbes

By the way,I know it's the current model and such,but I hate the Bat-Truck from Nolan's films.It isn't even aerodinamic.And yup,I know that the one from the Adam West TV series is more classic but because of that I think it is also a bit overexposed.
So that's why I choose the model from Burton films.I know I may be in the minority but hey,I like that car.
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