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Who I Am Means Absolutely Nothing (To See Is To Believe)

«You have never seen me.I'm just a bot programmed to please your random needs of weirdness.Cause,yes,you do need weirdness»Sun Aug 08 21:05:21 via Brizzly

«You have never seen me.I'm just a split personality created by you.So,yeah,I'm just a projection of yourself»Mon Aug 09 04:02:14 via Brizzly

«You have never seen me.I'm just an alias used by 15 different persons to make you believe that there's still hope for humanity»Mon Aug 09 13:09:28 via Brizzly

«You have never seen me.I'm just a ghost from the future haunting you so you don't feel lonely at all»Mon Aug 09 19:33:26 via Brizzly

«You have never seen me.I'm just a series of pre-inserted messages in your hard drive designed to make you believe someone agrees with you»Tue Aug 10 04:01:41 via Brizzly

*This started as most Twitter posts do:simply thinking aloud —or online or whatever.Guess I got inspired after that or something and it became kind of a metanarrative (paranarrative? transnarrative?).
Whatever.The experiment amused me though so I'm reposting it here just to keep it archived somewhere.
Tags: prosa-fantasia, prosa-horror, prosa-misc, prosa-scifi

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