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iZombie by Chris Roberson & Mike Allred.
Zombies are currently a bit overexposed in comic books,but this series offers an original twist featuring not hordes of walking corpses but just one zombie girl that is also an amateur detective.And then there are also ghosts,vampires,mummies,weredogs and monster slayers so it's mostly about fun and adventures rather than easy cliches about horror epidemies and such.Also,there's this Allred guy whom still is a great artist —personally I was already missing him since he stopped making his most recent Madman series.My only complain is that Laura Allred is currently using a dim color palette...it actually fits the dark tone you'd expect in a comic with classic monsters yet personally I like her best when she's using saturated colors.Anyways,the book is a pretty swell read so if you can give it a try —surely you'll like it.
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