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Banjo Pig

(brush + Photoshop)

Name: Kuino
Birthday: 1/Aug/????
Hometown: Swineford,England
Likes: His banjo,potato chips and knitting
Dis-likes: People making fun of his weight
Super Powers: He can play the banjo,chew gum,tap dance and spell the alphabet backwards at the same time
Personality: A very talented banjo player,he can play either jazz,bluegrass or polkas as long as he's allowed to do it for hours.He has some bad temper,but when he plays he reaches a deep peace of mind —in fact,when he does that,he suddenly starts to recite zen koans.

This one was originally made for the Dueling Banjos Pigs blog —a quite fun and amazing collection of,well,pigs and banjos.Really,go visit and if you draw,don't forget to submit yours.
Tags: animals, meme, stuff

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