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Sounds Of Paracusia

(technical pens,brush & lotsa digital stuff)
paracusia /par·acu·sia/ (par″ah-ku´se-ah)
1. any deficiency in the sense of hearing.
2. auditory hallucination.
Sure you remember the series of illos of Movies Never Made I started some months ago.Well,I still have been thinking about motion pictures I'd like to watch instead of what Hollywood is currently making (okay,I liked Toy Story 3,but I loved the previous 2 movies too so no surprises there).
Now,good Summer movies usually have memorable songs.And since I already have been including songs with each movie illo I've been making,I thought about creating a mix playlist with some great sounds for enjoying this Summer.And yes,you can bet I'm planning to draw all the fake movies listed.

Anyways,for your enjoyment you can get the whole batch of songs as a zip file —67.2 MB of lightning guitars,drums like machine guns,some electronic howls and a fun surprise or two.
Let your imagination fly and try to guess what kind of "movies" will fit each tune.

Here's the tracklist:
  1. Show Me Heaven - Zombina & The Skeletones (from 'Attack Of The Roots Of Evil 2')
  2. Explosion! - Shonen Knife (from 'Narcos vs Velociraptors')
  3. Atraco a Las Tres - Zü (from 'The Further Adventures Of Ginny & Clutch')
  4. Bandidos - Twin Tones (from 'Diamonds,Booze & Rattlers')
  5. He's All Mine - Kim Lenz & The Jaguars (from 'Revenge Is My Name')
  6. Estoy Rabioso - Babasónicos (from '1-800-DEATH')
  7. Fuck Like a Beast (Fight Like An Animal) - The Meteors (from 'Johnny Götterdämmerung')
  8. Bad News - The Volcanos (from 'Rise Of The Undead Tamagotchis')
  9. Volveré - Interpuesto (from 'Risen From The Grave')
  10. Funplex - The B-52's (from 'Danica Darcy,Space Ranger')
  11. Two Tribes - Think About Mutation (from 'Speedball Vellocet Á-Go-Go')
  12. I Want It - Zombie Girl (from 'Life Is A Waste Of Death')
  13. Native Love - Divine (from 'The Anti-Matter Pill')
  14. La Paquita Disco - La Lupita (from 'Hell Disco')
  15. Sweat - Oingo Boingo (from 'Lya D'Montparnasse Lives!')
  16. Hell In A Handbasket - Voltaire (from 'Live To Shoot,Shoot To Kill')
  17. Bonus Track: The Call Of The Wild - David Byrne (from 'Call Of The Wild')
And hey,it's Summer,so remember to play these songs real loud!
Tags: dinosaurs, girls, movies never made

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