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Whoever said that owls are creepy...?

Ponylegs 05
(brush & digital stuff)

And here's the last illo (at least for now) inspired by Miss Ponylegs —still available at Flickr and Godsgirls.com (links NSFW).
This was an interesting image to do,but then again,Ponylegs is a quite interesting person herself.Since she wishes she were a contortionist,my first idea for this illustration was depicting her in a vintage circus poster.But then I remembered that she likes owls a lot and took that route instead since I don't draw those birds very often.As creative experiments go,I think this series of images went well,but that's just my opinion,of course.

Did I mention this is the last illo featuring Ponylegs?
Well,it is.But the door is still open for more.I've enjoyed the experiment (even though I still suck at likeness),and Pony has been delighted as well.Still,I'd like to hear some opinions out there,specially if you liked what you saw or not.Because,you know,possibilities always are endless,ain't them?
Tags: animals, girls, ponylegs
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