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  Monday, July 5th, 2010 08:55 am

Ponylegs 04
(brush & digital stuff)

Yup,it's yet another image based upon charming Ponylegs —she still can be found at Flickr and Godsgirls.com (links NSFW),so go say 'Hi!' and tell her I sent you.
Now,this illo was somewhat challenging.Before starting drawing I already knew I wanted to do something in high contrast and a limited color palette.The difficult part was choosing which colors I wanted to use.That's a little problem I always have when I'm coloring...whenever I don't get distracted (easy when your computer is used for working,reading your mail,playing chess,listening music and watching cartoons at the same time),I can't choose the color I want to use because Photoshop brings millions of them.For this pic in particular I couldn't choose any color in particular and so I choose all of them:
Ponylegs 04 x 4

Ponylegs 04 plus

Multiple options always are the fun ones,ah?

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