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Down With Apathy!

Screw Apathy!
(technical pen & digital stuff)

This illo was made for the current drawing challenge at the Ilustrando Que Es Gerundio blog.Once again it was about illustrating an editorial text from the El País newspaper,and this time the topic was a critic against apathy in front of economic crisis.The text talked a lot about trains and people choosing to be either leading locomotives or following wagons.There were also some paragraphs about too passive people acting like sheep and cattle and as you can see,that's the part I liked the most...but only because it's fun drawing farm animals (and because it reflects a bit how I'm currently feeling around here,with people getting obsessed with the soccer World Cup —for the record,I've got nothing against soccer...but their fans,well,that's another story).
Tags: animals, girls, stuff

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