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Your Country Needs You!

Red Corps
(technical pens & lotsa photoshop)

I know,I know...I said I would be working on the Ginny & Clutch concept.But you know,since last year I have this writer's block that doesn't let me start writing fiction properly.Then suddenly I had this other idea about an army of Little Red Riding Hoods and just had to create yet another concept based upon the tale.Not sure if it means that I get distrated very easily or if I concentrate too much in one single basic idea.

Then again,perhaps I should try doing more concept images until I get enough for a coffee table book or something like that.But for that I still need both time and/or cash...so,if you like this image,you can own it as a print.It's available at my Zazzle shop so go get yours and help feed an starving artist.Thanks!
Tags: animals, girls, little red riding hood

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