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Maybe you've already noticed —or maybe not— that one of the many things that fascinate me it's skeletons.Personally I think that bones look beautiful.And you know,if you see the organs of any living creature,it's hard to know which animal they belong to.But if you see a skeleton,you can actually get a close idea of how an animal looked like —that's how it works with dinosaurs and fossiles,you know.Speaking about that,it's kinda amazing that when an animal dies,its skeleton turns into stone and keeps existing for millions of years after the animal lived.
Add Mexican arts and crafts for the Día de Muertos festivities,horror movies,goth style and characters like Skeletor and Ghost Rider,and sure,bones can be quite fun,too.

Now,if you notice some slight pervertion in this image,yeah,there is.This was a comissioned piece meant to represent osteophilia —arousal from bones.I think that fetish doesn't exist at all,and if it does it's not very common.It was fun and interesting depicting it though.
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