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  Saturday, February 20th, 2010 10:40 pm

Batman Ego

Batman:Ego by Darwyn Cooke.
Something I hate about comic book writers is that whenever they want to deconstruct superheroes,they simply say thay that superheroes are sociopaths or psychos.Darwyn Cooke does that in this book yet he does it right,because he was careful enough to analyze the logic behind madness —in this case,Batman's.
It's a fascinating tale about the eternal struggle or order against chaos and how both opposite extremes are almost undistinguishable from each other.Then there's also something about the importance of hope if you expect justice to work.
And finally,well,this Cooke guy sure knows how to draw and how make drawings flow smoothly into a story where present,past,future and hypothetical situations gather together as in a huge mosaic.Pure genius.

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