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Mes Petits Vices

(technical pen and digital stuff)

tiny_vice asked people to draw their vices.I know that I already draw many of them quite frequently (hey,they're vices after all) but thought it would be fun trying to depict more than 2 or 3 in one single illo.
If you know me —or at least have read the stuff I blog all around the web— sure these vices need no further explaining.But for those whom may be wondering about such an eclectic image here's the info you need:
The Moon.- A big light in the sky.And it changes almost every week.Don't know about you but I think that's very fascinating.I can spend the whole night awake just staring at the moon (sometimes I even howl at it).
Superman.- Maybe it's just that I'm a big optimist but I like the things that this iconic character symbolize.When I grow up,I'll be like him.
Wolves.- My animal totem is the wolf,so this one is kinda obvious from a spiritual point of view.
Little Red Riding Hood.- I simply love the fairy tale and the symbolism of the character —and I've got the Tumblr blog to prove it
Music.- I listen a lot of music.My first expensive toy was a second hand turntable for playing 45 rpm records.I still own a lot of mixtapes.And like to sing in the shower.No music no life,ah?
Cute Girls With Guns.- Freudian psychology has some theories about this.I don't know much about traumas and obsessions,but I know that girls look quite sexy when holding guitars or guns —specially in action/horror/sci-fi contexts but guess that just my geekiness speaking.
Moiré.- I like to think that them funky print dots are the graphic equivalent of the scratch noises you hear on old records (add vintage stuff to the list of my vices)
Godzilla.-I like dinosaurs,B-Movies and Japanese culture...Godzilla sums all that up.Plus,he's the absolute King Of Monsters after all.
Tags: animals, dinosaurs, fan-art, girls, little red riding hood, superheroes

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