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Groovy! v2.0 (Ash & Cherry brought more friends)

Ash Williams,Cherry Darling & More Friends
(technical pen,brush & digital stuff)

If this image looks a bit familiar for some of you out there,at least the concept is —I explored the idea of the greatest zombie slayer team-up some time ago.But you know,good horror movies always deserve sequels...and if that's not a reason good enough,giving a birthday gift to one of your loved ones always is (¡Chidérrimo Cumpleaños Ara!).

Just for fun sake,I made a video with the process of making this image,from pencils to finished colors.It is also meant to document a personal landmark as after years using Photoshop CS this is the first image I colored on Photoshop CS4:
Tags: animals, celebs, fan-art, girls, video

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