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Making Comics —The Surreal Way

SuperMartxe teaser
(markers & digital stuff)

Some days ago somebody contacted me through Fazebooq.He said he was part of this collective from Spain known as Supermartxé,dedicated to organize parties.This guy then told me he was also the publisher of a magazine produced by the collective,and that they were interested in including a funny short comic featuring the members of the collective.I never found out how he knew about me —no mutual friends or communities— but accepted the offer anyway because it sounded like a fun exercise (plus I was feeling mildly depressed and needed some distraction).

Now,the more interesting part was that these Supermartxé people work on parties for nightclubs Ibiza style parties —you know,DJs playing Euro-trance music,go-go dancers (un)dressed as strippers,and transvestites wearing enough feathers to fill a couple of pillows up.And then there was the fact that they sent me some videos as reference material...not bad but I could have used some photos instead because it's difficult trying to distinguish faces under rainbow lights on lo-res FLAV videos.Okay,I know that I suck at drawing faces based upon real persons anyway,but trying to find human features on scrambled pixels is still hard for anyone's eyes.

In the end I finished the pages 2 days before the deadline.I'm not happy at all with the script...as I said I was mildly depressed and now that I read the story again I think the gags are not funny enough.The publisher guy liked the comic nonetheless and will be publishing it next month.
I'm guessing not many of you attend nightclubs on Madrid and Ibiza so I'm posting the comic here so you can see it.I owe some of you an English translation —punchlines are not untranslatable at all but this was a long day and I'm tired.

SuperMartxe 01
SuperMartxe 02
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