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Happy New Year!

Tiger Year
(brush & digital stuff)

Happy New Year! With the new moon (also known in ancient Spanish with the poetic name of luna cenicienta —'Cinderella Moon') comes a brand new year...at least the Chinese calendar says so.Tonight starts the year 4707,the year of the White (Metal) Tiger.

In Chinese zodiac,the tiger is a sign associated with the water element and yang forces.It's easy to guess that the tiger is also seen as the embodiment of courage,power and confidence.The tiger sure is fearsome,somewhat addicted to excitement and even a bit cruel but as almost all cats,if you learn to respect his authority,you'll find that part of his nature in fact is very warm-hearted and able to show great generosity.In Chinese folklore it is said that the tiger is a selfish creature that always wants to be in control —hence his rivalry with the dragon— and so tiger years are considered hard and very unpredictable years where nothing is sure.Then again,the Metal Tiger is also said to be very stubborn and competitive,and once his sight is set on a goal,nothing won't stop him.

May this year of the tiger bring luck,prosperity and fair fights (and opportunities) for all of you out there!
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