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Self-portrait Gorillaz Style
(technical pens & digital post-production)

This month I've been doing lots of stuff.Some of it is illustration related but unfortunately it's also the kind of stuff that I can't post here —at least not yet.
On the other hand,Gorillaz released a new single some days ago and it's quite good.But you know,half of that band's appeal is Jamie Hewllett's designs.Back in the day when their first album debuted in many art communities there was this trend of picturing yourself as if you were a member of Gorillaz.Well,I made one of those pictures and during a couple coffee breaks I polished and colored it.So here it is.

The dog sled? Well,since I was a cute and bratty kid I always wanted to ride one of those (actually I simply like doggies and owning at least 5 of them always sounded like fun —but maybe I've read Jack London's books way too many times).

Oh,by the by,I've been planning a small playlist project.If you've been watching some of the stuff I post around here,I'd like you to mention a song that you think reflects what I do.No need to think too much,just be spontaneous and mention the first song you think of (if you already answered this on Facebook but have another song,well,feel free to play again).
In case you're interested,I've been listing the songs on Last.FM,but please don't look at the playlist until you've mentioned your song,so your personal opinion doesn't get influenced.Thanks.
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