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Kaliman vs Batman
(brush & digital stuff — Kaliman © Promotora K;Batman ™ & © DC Comics)

I was going to post this yesterday but there were some weird windstorms that broke some skyscrappers' windows,took down trees and created nasty power outages all through the city.But the really funny thing was that I made this illo as a X-mas gift for a good friend that recently moved to Chicago —yup,the Windy City as they call it.That kind of odd details always make me laugh.
For those not familiar with him,the character in white is Kaliman,a popular Mexican superhero featured in comic books,radio serials and a couple of movies.For those those familiar,yes,I know that Kaliman didn't had black boots in the comic books but he did in the movies and my buddy is rather a fan of that version of the character.

Oh,by the by,I've just joined the bandwagon and signed up at Formspring.me.You cand find me at formspring.me/everyueveryme and then ask me anything you want.I'll be answering everything,just for the fun of it.
Tags: fan-art, superheroes

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