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The book was better than the movie...

Undead Tamagotchis
(technical pen & digital stuff)

Months ago I posted a little rant about not watching any good movies.Well,unfortunately things have not changed since so far I haven't watched Ponyo and Zombieland yet (hopefully I'll watch Blood next week...on DVD).Pananormal Activity was boring,and Cameron's Avatar felt like Pocahontas meets The Clan of the Cave Bear meets Starship Troopers.Disney's Princess & The Frog was fine but I guess a lot got lost in the translation and dubbing.

So in the end,I've been still thinking about motion pictures I would really like to watch at a movie theatre.And in this case,we're talking about a true rise of evil machines —or rather evil mechanical parasites.Of course,things become really scary when the tamagotchis start growing up and evolving because that's what (evil) Japanese virtual pets always do.And then if you thought killing undead things was a hard task as they're already dead,well,try killing small cute creatures with virtual lives and tiny 'reset' buttons.
But the best part would be the soundtrack of course,with lots of sounds like this:

Still,as it usually happens,the book would be better than the movie because only there would be a full explaination of the subplot of the mad scientists trying to achieve eternal life uploading their minds and souls into the tamagotchis (making the story an unofficial prequel to The Matrix).
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