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Young Liars

Young Liars

Young Liars: Vol. 1 Daydream Believer by David Lapham.
Heard a lot of good things about this comic back when it was still published as a series but since local retailers suck I couldn't get any issues.Then the series got cancelled but fortunately was reprinted as a TPB.And now I have 2 wishes:one,that I could have read this story before,and the other,that I get the other books very soon since the book finishes with a cliffhanger.The story is simply great...it's a wild ride from cover to cover,spiced with violence,madness and weirdness (Robert Rodriguez would die and kill for the chance of making a movie about this story).You couldn't expect less when the main characters are a junky transvestite,a thirty-something loser that still depends of his father,a bullimic ex-model,a groupie wanna-be,an frustrated musician and a girl crazier than a classic cartoon character because of a bullet in her brain —and meeting them is just the begining.
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