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¡¡¡Chingona Navidad!!!

Merry Xmas 09
(technical pens & lotsa digital media)

Winter solstice was 28 hours ago —so you can guess that yes,it's that time of the year once again!

Here.Have this year's Fatalysia greeting card.You know it goes with all the best wishes and warmest regards.
So,if you are reading this,take a moment and wish something,anything (hint:seize the chance and dream big).And let there be here some hope and good will so your wish becomes true.If it doesn't,well,hope that at least the gifts you get this year are things you really wanted or needed.

Have a most fun,safe and awesome...

PS.-Have this virtual jukebox as well,with a serving of some hand-picked holiday music —Hope you like the tunes!
Tags: fatalysia, girls, greeting cards

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