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To Love/To Honor/To Kick/And To Bite!
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  Wednesday, July 8th, 2009 10:18 am

Killing Girl

Killing Girl:A Sister's Love by Glen Brunswick,Frank Espinosa & Toby Cypress
«What if the Mafia had their own secret service...?» And so starts this story.Of course and as expected,there're lots of action with bullets flying everywhere.But in the end,the story is about this girl whom discovers that she had a life —and a sister— before becoming an assassin for the Mafia.And then it's actually a tale about love among sisters,and about the meaning of true love in the end...okay,that sounds a bit cheesy,but trust me,that's not what this story is.Plus,the art is pure eye-candy with an interesting mix of high contrast shadows and abstract colors.

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  Soundtrack: Laid - James  

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