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  Monday, November 23rd, 2009 04:07 pm

Frankenstein meets the Mummy
(brush & digital stuff)

Boris Karloff Blogathon

On November 23 of 1887,William Henry Pratt was born.Still,Mr. Pratt is best known and remembered by his artistic name:Boris Karloff.
As a celebration of the man and his career,there's this blogathon that I've been mentioning since some weeks ago...and of course,there's this illo I made.

My first contact with classic cinema monsters was through the movies of El Santo.My favorite when I was younger and brattier was Santo & Blue Demon vs Los Monstruos,were the titular luchadores fought against the Wolfman,a Dracula facsimile in a top hat,the Cyclops (the Mexican cheap substitute of the Gill-man),the Mummy and a Frankenstein monster with bad hair and an ugly moustache (for reference,there's a video of that movie at Dailymotion).
That movie made me interested on the Universal Monsters and so I watched the original movies only to find out that the creatures were even more cooler than I thought.And so I became a fan.Now,many of you out there already know that I'm partial to (were)wolves,but Karloff's Frankenstein is simply classic.You know,almost all other depictions of that monster are based upon Karloff's version in one way or another —and if that's not the case,it's very hard not trying to make a comparation (at least for me).

Anyway,something fun about those movies was the fact that they had this fun sense of community,this idea that all the monsters knew each other (well,they did because all were working for the same studios).Still they didn't show up together in many movies and so for this day I thought about drawing a team-up that would have been great to see —and very probably it also would have been an Oscar ® for an awesome double performance,dont you think?

So,Mr. Karloff,wherever you are,have a happy birthday and thanks for all the inspiration!

EXTRA:here's the original lineart:
Boris Karloff - BW

...and a peek at the colored art without design elements:
Boris Karloff - Color

PS.-Don't forget to drop by at the Frankensteinia blog for more of the Karloff blogathon!

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  Soundtrack: Over At The Frankenstein Place - Richard O'Brien  

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