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  Tuesday, November 17th, 2009 09:12 pm

Chaotique/Bad Moon Rising
(brush,technical pens & lotsa digital stuff)

If you ask me,I'm not very sure about what I was trying to depict here.My first idea was visualizing a zombie queen of the voodoo kind.
Then I started thinking about goth angels and included the skeleton t-shirt,the wings and the aviator goggles.Suddenly I started missing the smell of cempasuchil flowers and had to include one.I have no explaination for the red latex glove.
Finally,when I was scanning the image,Creedence were playing on the radio and had a thought about including a full moon (and in fact,I kept the tune playing on loop while doing all the coloring).
Still,for such a chaotic train of thought I suppose the result ain't bad at all —but that's just my opinion,of course

Boris Karloff Blogathon
Only 8,640 minutes (6 days) for the Boris Karloff Blogathon.

PPS.-Okay,I know some of you out there won't forgive me if I don't include the inspiring song so here it is —enjoy!

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