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¡Feliz Día de Muertos!

Ofrenda 01 - Anaglyph 3D

Ofrenda 01 - Anaglyph 3D , by -U!
(image provided via Flickr's «Blog This»).

And now,for something completely different...here's a little 3D experiment.You'll need red & blue glasses,with the red one over your left eye.
If you don't have 3D glasses,here's an alternate version in animated gif form:
Ofrenda día de muertos 3D

What you see here is the ofrenda (offering) I had in my house for today —it was Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) in case you didn't know.
There's a few more photos on my Flickr photostream.If you wanna take the direct route,just go here,here and here.I wish I decorated it a bit more,but this year I had not much time and money for that...still,my dead people had more than enough things to eat and that's the important thing.
Tags: 3d, photoshop, stuff

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