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A Hallowe'en Tune

A Hallowe'en Tune
(brush,technical pen & digital stuff —with apologies to Chuck Dickens)

So it's that time of the year again.But I'm not very sure...I think that tonight is Devil's Night and tomorrow is Halloween yet stores and supermakets around here have been selling Christmas decorations since last month.But I'll also admit that in my whacky mind,every day is like Halloween.Guess Einstein was right when he said that time is always relative.
Now,it's funny how the most popular Christmas tale is actually a ghost story.And Halloween is a good time for telling horror stories yet there's not a single tale that you can say is as iconic —and ironic— of the festivity as Charles Dickens story is.So here's Evie Scrooge and the fairies of Hallowe'en.Maybe I should have posted this until tomorrow but,hey,if we're keeping the logic of the story,Evie must be visited by the fairies tonight so she can wake up tomorrow and see it's still time for her to enjoy Halloween (then again,she can also sleep all through the weekend and wake up on Día de Muertos).

Have a fun and safe night —and if you don't wanna be visited by the Fairy of Hallowe'en Past Progressive or any other tense,send me all your spare choco bars.
Happy Halloween!

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