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Forget zombie outbreaks! Are you ready to fight invaders from Hell?

Exorcist Commandos
(technical pens & digital stuff)

About 1 million years ago I used to make these silly Xerox fanzines with comic strips,short articles and rants —blogs were not invented yet.And just for fun,I also used to include mock publicity ads.Usually I took old magazines and cut some random headlines,paste them up on paper sheets and then write and draw stuff.One of said ads was for a fictional recruiting campaign for joining the exorcist commandos —if you're curious,here behind the cut is the original image:
Exorcist Commandos - early

Anyway,after seeing that image I felt a bit guilty (and very embarrased) and thought the idea deserved a better execution,hence the propaganda poster I made this week.

Boris Karloff Blogathon
In other news,I'll be participating in the Boris Karloff Blogathon.
This is going to be an online celebration and yup,I'm doing it mostly because he was/is/will be one of the many inspirations for the stuff I do.
The best part is that everyone is invited to join the event! If you have a blog,simply post something about Karloff.This party is sponsored by the Frankensteinia blog.For more details about the blogathon and how exactly you can participate,just read the official anouncement.
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