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5 Wishes

Playing With Matches
(brush,technical pen & digital stuff)

And here's a new image I made for the Custom 52 project.You can go to said website to see how the illo is part of a potential playing card.

In case you can't guess which fairy tale I used this time,well,it's The Little Match Girl.I know I said I would be doing only images of gothic fairy tales,but Hans Christian Andersen's stories are dark enough.In fact,many of his stories can be very depressing as almost all their protagonists don't live happily ever after and rather end up dead...okay,they die happily (!) but they die anyway.
Ah,and yes,in the original story the Little Match Girl does use exactly 5 matches before she gets granted her wish of staying with her granny forever.So far it's the only fairy tale I can think of that uses the number 5 instead of the more common 3 or 7.
Tags: custom 52, girls

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