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"I Tawt I Taw a Tweety Bird..."

(marker & digital stuff —Tweety™ & © Warner Bros.)

Seems like I mentioned it everywhere but here —yes,I'm on Twitter:twitter.com/everyueveryme.It's mostly about random stuff,music and links but if it amuses you,feel free to friend/watch/follow me or whatever it's supposed to be done in that social network/microblogging site.

Now that I'm at it,guess it won't hurt letting you know on which other networks I can be found on a regular basis:
Facebookfacebook.com/Freelance.Artist.Strictly for keeping in touch (as far as the confusing interface lets me) and blocking annoying apps.

MySpacemyspace.com/_u.Same as above sans the annoying apps.

Mojizumojizu.com/artist/everyueveryme.aspx.Here I post character designs.

FFFFound!ffffound.com/home/everyueveryme/found.And here I collect all interesting and inspiring eye-candy I find on the web.This network is invitation-only,but there's a RSS available.

Tumblrredproject.tumblr.com.I use this site for blogging things related to Little Red Riding Hood.But if you're in that network and post interesting things just let me know and I'll follow/friend/stalk you.

Last.FMlast.fm/user/everyueveryme.Music I hear...not much to say about this except that I hear a lot of music.

The Hype Machinehypem.com/everyueveryme.Music found on blogs —told you:I hear a lot of music.

Gruñidos & Murmullosgrunidomurmullo.livejournal.com.My another LJ account and personal blog.It's in Spanish though,but I also post lots of pics and music in case you're interested.
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