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The Red Project Wants You!

Little Red Riding Hood Wants You!
(brush & digital media)

ENGLISH.- As some of you out there already know,I'm the keeper of The Red Project —a blog dedicated exclusively to Little Red Riding Hood.And today,that blog is officially accepting submissions.
If you are an illustrator,photographer,graphic designer,cosplayer or simply a creative person and you have created a Little Red Riding Hood of your own just go to the submissions page,upload your art,and show it to the world!

ESPAÑOL.- Como algunos ya sabrán,tengo a bien mantener The Red Project —un blog dedicado exclusivamente a Caperucita Roja.Y a partir de hoy,dicho blog oficialmente está aceptando colaboraciones.
Si eres un ilustrador(a),fotógrafo(a),diseñador(a),cosplayer o simplemente una persona creativa,y has creado una Caperucita propia,sólo lánzate a la página de submissions,sube tu arte,¡Y muéstralo al mundo!

Tags: animals, girls, little red riding hood, remix, updates

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