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  Monday, May 25th, 2009 10:18 pm

Captain America:Red,White & Blue

Captain America: Red, White & Blue by Paul Dini, Paul Pope, Peter Kuper, Mark Waid, Evan Dorkin, Bruce Timm, & lotsa more people.
The first part of this book is simply great:many artists tell short stories about Captain America using only the colors red,white and blue (hence the title of the book).Some are funny,some are quite dramatic and some others are really epic.
Then there's a longer story in full color exploring what would happen if the character were killed in one of his adventures.It is mostly about the impact of the death of a symbol,so it's an interesting point of view.
The last part...ugh.It features articles and interviews related to the The Death Of Captain America storyline —not the one in the book,but the official event published by Marvel Comics.I found it very boring,so I skipped that part.Well,it's a minor detail,as all the other contents are really good.

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