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  Thursday, June 18th, 2009 10:31 pm

(marker & digital color)

This is a new design made for the Custom 52 project.If you want to see how the image looks like as a playing card,just go to said website.

As I mentioned some posts ago I decided to play with the titles of gothic fairy tales,so,yeah,this illo is about the 3 Little Pigs.But if you look closely,you can see that in the image there're 4 pigs —or rather 3 pigs and a boar.
By the by,it is said that it's posible to analyze the personality of a person by the way one draw a pig.In fact,if you google «draw a pig personality test» you can find many online tests that let you draw pigs and then analize your personality.Some years ago I made one of said tests and originally made a post about it on my personal blog.If you don't want to click from one place to another,here's what I drew back then (I'll let you choose which one of all the pigs shows my personality more accurately):

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  Soundtrack: La Paquita Disco - La Lupita  

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