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Original & Copy

Sin City Redux
(brush & digital media —Sin City ™ & © Frank Miller)

Sin City
Well,there's this blog known as Covered (coveredblog) which is about artists taking old comic book covers and redoing them on their own styles.
As you can see and guess,I submitted my version of the cover of issue #5 of Sin City:A Dame To Kill For (seen right there →).
And I got rejected.But that's okay,since I finally have the chance of posting the image here —I drew it weeks ago,but the guy on charge of Covered asks you to not publish your images until he does first,or in this case,until he tells you he won't be posting the image.

Anyways,I'll leave up to you to judge if I improved Frank Miller's cover or if I destroyed it.
Tags: comics, covers, girls

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